At Betastamp we build startups

As a start-up studio, Betastamp not only create and incubate ideas in-house, but also make seed-stage investments in startups outside of the company. Although at the heart we using entrepreneurial expertise and in-house resources to help generate ideas and build companies at scale.

Consistent innovation is built on fundamentals

What began organically is coalescing into a model with some fixed tenets. Sometimes we are generating the ideas for startups internally, while in others we partner with entrepreneurs and act as second co-founders or acquire promising startups in need of their expertise.

At Betastamp we focus on AdTech, Fintech, and Big Data and usually owns larger pieces of the things we built and smaller pieces of the things we invested in.

but… What is a start-up studio?

Start-up studio is an organization that build companies using their own ideas and resources

A startup studio creates new startups at a varying and the studio pilots and develops its startups in parallel.

The basic idea behind the startup studio can be broken up into three major principles:

Creating new companies ex nihilo (ie: from scratch)

Launching multiple startups in parallel – no necessity to build startups one after the other.

Capitalizing on experience and on shared resources to launch startups with a higher success rate

We develop systems, models or projects (Opportunities)

Then build separate companies around the most promising ones by assigning operational resources and capital to those portfolio companies.
These opportunities use shared resources (capital, teams, skills, market expertise, connections, etc.) to launch solutions that then operate as fully-operational companies.
In its most basic form, Betastamp is a holding company that owns equity in various corporate entities we helped created.